Happy winter Holidays

It’s time for our Winter Holiday’s and although it isn’t snowing it sure is wet and cold. The options for what to do with your young ones tends to become quite exhausting. They have cabin fever and you might be at your wits end with thinking of creative ways to entertain, educate, stimulate or just to keep them happy and busy.

Well we have a few ideas : see our table below for our holiday class timetable  and visit the tab in the site for more details as to what the classes entail

Doodle Creative Space Toddler and Kids Holiday Program

Doodle Creative space’s Holiday Program is designed to give your Toddler or Child a Fun Educational Art Class in Vredehoek. During a class there are at least 3 activities based on a theme. Each class comprises of messy play, sensory play and creating a take home artwork. Parents, guardians or nannies are welcome to join in the creation. There will be 3 Classes presented on a day, and a minimum of 3 kids or toddlers per class. Classes are taught by an experienced art teacher.

Toddler Classes:  Age 2-4 Time: 9:30 – 10:30AM ( Maximum of 4 toddlers per class)

Children art classes: Age 4-6 Time: 11:00 – 12:00AM or 1:30 -2:30 PM (Maximum 6 kids per class)

Aprons are provided but please dress the kids in clothes that can get dirty

Date Theme Some of the Skills focussed on
Tuesday28 June Space Fine Motor, Imagination, Shapes
Wednesday29 June Balloons Colour, Spatial Awareness, Cutting
Friday1 July High Five Isolating Fingers, Hand strength, Counting
Tuesday5 July Sea Scenes Colour Mixing, Spatial awareness, Recognition
Wednesday6 July Dinosaurs Recognition, Texture, Imagination
Friday8 July Bunnies Texture, Stamping, Pasting
Tuesday12 July Minions Colour, Concept, Imagination
Wednesday13 July Rain Repetition, Pincher Grip , Spatial Awareness


The importance of messy play

Kids learn through play, experience and examples.Messy plsy provides children with a sensory and tactile experience and a fun learning environment. Through touching, squeezing and manipulating materials they discover the world. And gain an understanding of concepts like hot vs cold, soft vs hard.

One of the first exploratory methods of babies’ is mouthing, (putting objects in their mouths) to explore the shape, taste and sensation. As a parent this is a nerve wrecking time and we as parents or caregivers have to be ever vigilant.

Luckily this time passes, when they reach 2 they start to explore through touch with their fingers. This is where messy play comes in, toddlers need to play to learn, during art and messy play they also develop much needed skills like pincher grip, fine motor skills, hand strength and eye hand coordination.

Doodle Tots Term 2 Starts and it’s Messy but Good

After a very fun and messy first term, the second term started not so much with a bang as with a smash. Still in the Easter spirit we painted and smashed eggs, made some wax resist easter eggs. Sprayed squashed and dotted eggs. So you cant make an omlette without breaking some eggs and apparently nor can you make a painting. I hollowed out egg shells and put paint in and it wasn’t long before the little ones decided that the most optimal way of getting lots of paint onto the canvass was to crack and smash the eggs. Needless to say these paintings were now quite textured. I also made some foam clay with cornflower and shaving cream, which was an absolute hit. as the texture and look of it at first resembled a fried egg but was very quickly scrambled. It really was a lot of fun and the toddlers enjoyed this new tacticle sensation as well as the pretend play of “cooking and scrambling” their eggs.

Scrambling "eggs"


Doodle Tots first term went off with a bang and a squeeze

How quickly time flies? Especially this year. The idea started last year, to create an art class for toddlers. A class where they can mess and make, squeeze, roll, cut, paint, smudge, sculpt and just have good old fashioned dirty fun. And learn a little bit about art and creativity, and even help with some developmental skills.

The classes started in January and it has been a blast. We’ve made rain clouds, dripping splashing paint. Made Kites, looked at trees and very very basic pointilism, we’ve been to outer space and made a rocket ship stamped stars, made craters on the moon and looked at a sunset. To name a few things we did.

We played with playdough and rollers, cutting, molding and stamping. We’ve made cards, and have done cutting, shaping, gluing and glittering, we’ve decoupaged a heart for valentines day. Played with “goo” and mud and water. We’ve smeared and squeezed and stamped. It has been exhilirating.

Teaching toddlers is so much fun, they just have a completely different approach to everything, whether it be brandishing the paintbrush upside down, or choosing to submerge the entire hand in the glitter. Through all the Smashing and squeezing and messing and  they have always walked away with an artwork in the end which they could recognise and be proud of. I’m not sure who was more proud, me or the little ones

So the start of toddler classes has been incredibly fun and educational. And now it’s nearly time for the next term and I cant wait! Stay tuned for the next term’s themes


Doodle Tots is here – Art and Messy play for toddlers

A New Year and new beginning!

We are launching Doodle Tots, an art class for the very, very little ones, aged 2-3 year olds. An art class with a twist, where the creation and joy is the aim and not only the finished art work. It’s messy play and textural play and sensory play and teaching the toddlers about art and how wonderful the whole creation process can be.

Classes are in the mornings fitting in well before nap time. A small class allowing more individual attention for the kids. The classes will be Squishing, stamping, smearing, oozing, dipping, scrunching, cutting, painting, drawing, scratching, pasting, playing and messing.  O so messy! The environment is child friendly and classes are taught by an experienced art teacher.

I love seeing the joy people get from creating and that moment of absolute pride and achievement when that joy has translated into a piece of art. Teaching kids is the most rewarding experience, they relish in the making, and get so involved with what they are doing. Children have this amazing ability to be brave and dive head first into the project. I found such inspiration in my twin toddlers and have relished in the play, art and mess. They find such pleasure in the making and don’t get despondent when things aren’t perfect. And to see the absolute happiness and pride in their art pieces is phenomenal.

So without any further ado, Doodle Tots will start January 2016. Here’s to happy creating, messing and playing.



Doodle Creative Space is closed for 2013

With so much creativity, it’s not surprising that it overflowed. Doodle has been blessed with 2 little new creatives. And as such is temporarily  closed for 2013.

So now we will be inspired by the amazing ability that children have to explore and discover their worlds.

Have a happy and fullfilling 2013 and may all your creative dreams come true.

It’s the season to be Merry….

It’s the end of the year, finally! And what an amazing and busy year it has been, with so much creativity and beautiful artworks and pieces created.

And now before you can start to wind down, you need to tie up those last few things. And while you are at work, your kids can spend there time creating beautiful pieces.

Have a look at our December Holiday program and find the discipline  and project you want and enjoy.

Have a wonderful festive season.

Boer soek ‘n vrou at Doodle Creative space

What a wonderful experience as the Boer and his 5 lovely ladies embarked on a creative journey. They came, saw and created, in a musical chair fashion they each created their own special ‘Plaas’ themed plate and painted it. A beautiful set was created and a wonderful keepsake for the boer as a reminder of this adventure. Thanks to the Boer soek ‘n vrou team, you were awesome


Louis and the 5 lucky ladies

A year’s gone by and we’re still creating

It is truly amazing how time flies when you’re having fun. Born out of an idealistic idea that everybody is creative, and a dream of a happy comforting space where people can come and rid themselves of their daily frustrations, make a present for a loved one, explore their creative side or to reconnect with their creative inner child.

People have dropped in evening sessions, to do pottery, painting, watercolours, mosaic and silkscreen and the children’s’ afternoon kids’ art classes are ever expanding, which focus on a range of skills and materials from painting, to drawing and pottery as well as general crafts

We have also been blessed with hosting quite a few happy creative events, from children to adult birthday parties, kitchen teas,  stork teas and girls nights and hosted many a successful kids’ holiday club.

It has been quite a creative ride and it’s been fun and incredibly inspirational.

After a year of creating, all that’s left is to say thank you for your support and sharing our dream and let’s go create.


Rain, Rain, Rain, what to do when it’s this wet?

Well I have an idea…

Actually a lot of ideas, on our holiday program we will be making all kinds of fabulous things. From a Decoupage trinket box, to a shimmy frame to mosaic and painting, there’s so much fun to be had and pretty things to make.

So let’s get our creative juices , flowing and our hands dirty.

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