About Us


What is Doodle Creative Space?
Where are we now and what do we do?
The Space is no longer a place but a space for exploration and play whilst learning about art.
Doodle creative space is now ain a much smaller space, with a variety of art materials and tools and loads of messy play materials.
The class is set  up to accomodate a maximum of 6 toddlers and their parents or nannies.
All  classes are according to a theme and  include a sensory exploratory exercise, an intricate art project which is taught step by step and always the joy of messy play.
Giving little ones and their parents a wonderful opportunity to create together.
And be warned they are bound to get dirty.

About me:
After having twins, my focuss has changed to early childhood development and instilling a love of creativity and a love of art in little ones.
Building on the bricks and mortar experience of creating and running my art studio and teaching classes from 3 – 50 year olds, that knowledge and the hands on experience of having kids and teaching at various schools in an extra mural capacity has given me the skills to teach little ones.
I love art, teaching and kids, so what a joy to be able to live my passion whilst instilling the same love for art and creativity in toddlers. That and I love the messy play aspect of it.
Where we started in 2011…
Doodle creative space used to be an environment where adults and children could explore their creativity regardless of their skill and knowledge in a variety of mediums from mosaic, painting, drawing, ceramics and crafts.
The facility was equipped with all the tools and materials you would want or need to accomplish a piece of art or craft. People could chose between classes or sessions using the tools and materials.
We also hosted events like Jackson Pollock style teambuildings. Children birthday parties, engagement parties, hen nights and stork teas. The age range was large the youngest classes Toddler classes for 3 year olds all through the primary school grades. And finally adult evening classes.